Next Generation Shaft Monitoring

Gyrometric - Revolutionary Condition Monitoring and bearing failure prediction

Gyrometric Systems is a specialist company providing measurement systems for aspects of rotating shafts. On offer is hardware, software and communication systems which can be bought outright, or an ongoing monitoring service.

The basis of the technology is signal processing of pulses from rotary encoders of a variety of types, with additional pick up heads.

The toolbag of techniques includes the IME (incremental motion encoder) which is capable of measuring radial shaft displacement in X and Y planes to an accuracy of zero point one microns at speeds from 10 rpm up to 20,000 rpm.

It will also measure radial vibrations, and torsional vibrations. Wholly digital the method requires no calibration and is stable over very long periods.

Uses include the monitoring of critical bearings, both rolling contact bearings and plain journal bearings. The IME will provide all the information obtainable by accelerometers, plus a measurement of the actual wear in the bearing, allowing warning of bearing failure.

Very accurate measurement of shaft rotational speed, and torque measurement is also possible.


Gyrometric IME for condition monitoring

The Gyrometric IME provides a step change in the quality of data available for condition monitoring

Gyrometric IME measures rotary parameters on test rigs

The Gyrometric IME provides a new method of measuring rotary parameters on test rigs

Gyrometric IME suitable for critical applications such as Aerospace

The Gyrometric IME is very suitable for building into Original Equipment, especially safety critical applications


Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification