Test Rigs

IME for Test Rigs monitoring bearing failure

What can be done with the Gyrometric IME

1) Measurement of radial shaft displacement in X and Y axes while rotating at speeds from 15 rpm up to 10,000 (20,000 rpm in some circumstances) with resolutions down to 1 micron.
2) Measurement of shaft rotational speed.
3) Measurement of shaft rotational position.
4) Measurement of radial vibrations in X and Y directions.
5) Measurement of torsional vibrations.
6) Two IME’s can be synchronised to monitor, for example the input and output shafts of a gearbox.

What can be done with the aid of additional equipment

1) Measurement of shaft axial movement (Z)
2) Measurement of dynamic torque.

Analysis Programs Available

1) Orbit plots
2) Standard deviation on X & Y radial displacement.
3) 4 bandpass filters with graphical output on X and Y vibration.
4) Band limited Kurtosis on X & Y movement.
5) Phase analysis of X & Y movement
6) Outside noise suppression
7) Drift analysis (cumulative shaft displacement)
8) Centre movement extents
9) Rotational speed extents
10) Warning outputs when preset limits are exceeded.
11) Logging of historical data.
12) Output to Excel spread sheets.

GyroMetric IME Technical Details

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification