New sales agreement for Gyrometric Systems

David Orton, Gyrometric Systems Ltd CEO, and Ümit Sandikci, CEO of Gani Gemi ve İş Makinaları Tic. Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the CNR Eurasia Boat Show in Istanbul on the 24th February.

The memorandum marks the commencement of a sales agreement between the two companies where Gani will sell Gyrometric Products in Turkey, Greece and Israel.

Gyrometric develops and produces innovative digital monitoring systems for rotating drives and bearings. Gani will sell and install these products, first of all into the marine market, but also into power generation, cement manufacture, and railway industries.

This agreement is part of a new initiative by Gyrometric introducing its own disruptive technology into growing export markets.

David Orton said:  “I believe we have chosen a really capable and enthusiastic partner for our expansion into an important new market”.


David Orton is on the left and Ümit Sandikci on the right.

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