Press Release – Gyrometric Technology gets global interest

Gyrometric- Press Release 9th October

Gyrometric Technology gets global interest

Gyrometric Systems has been promoted at two major exhibitions in the last few weeks, both in Hamburg. As a result a major boost to  its international profile is expected.

At the SMM Exhibition (Society of Maritime Industries) Gyrometric equipment was exhibited on the stand of the company’s German marine agent, and the new Gyrometric Digital Alignment Monitor  for continuously monitoring the alignment of ships drive shafts was introduced. The development is a world first.

Marine engines are installed on resilient mountings to reduce vibration. These mountings subside over a period resulting in misalignment with the propeller shaft. Misalignment causes damage to the couplings, and wasted energy. The new product monitors shaft alignment automatically, and warns when action is required. The development further brings ship operators into the digital age, and helps reduce operating costs. 

The Gyrometric AI system for safeguarding ships drives by detecting rapid rises in torque, and taking instant defensive action, was exhibited. This system is already in use in many ships and it received substantial enquiries, including for the first time, fleet retrofits.

Gyrometric had its own stand at the Wind Energy Hamburg Exhibition.

This is the premier world exhibition in wind power generation. The theme of the stand was: moving from analogue to digital for monitoring and safeguarding wind turbine shafts.

A working demonstration  rig was operating on the stand, connected to a computer and showing real-time results graphically on screen.

The level of enquiries was well above expectations and the geographical spread was global. Representatives of three of the largest Chinese wind turbine manufacturers visited the stand.

Arranged by the British Department for International Trade, David Orton, Gyrometric CEO, was given a speaking slot at the exhibition, when he was able to expand on the theme of digital monitoring and safeguarding of turbine shafts.

A test programme for one of the major manufacturers of wind turbines is expected to commence in the next few weeks, and serious enquiries from several others are being followed up.


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