Patent granted for new axial measurement system for rotating shafts

Gyrometric has the world’s leading technology for measuring radial run out, radial vibration, torsional vibration and torque in rotating shafts. The technology is entirely digital and stable over time.

To add to that capability an entirely new methodology has been invented inside the company for measuring axial displacement (the direction along the rotating shaft). The specification for the development included that the measurements had to be stable over time, to the same level as the company’s other measurement systems.

This requirement was difficult to reach because analogue inductive proximity measurement sensors require initial calibration, and subsequent re-calibration to correct for changes in temperature and “drift”.   This has been achieved by incorporating automatic re-calibration every revolution of the shaft.

The invention has now been granted a patent.

Adding to Gyrometric’s already powerful pallet of measurement systems for parameters of rotating shafts the new development enables monitoring systems for ships drives, wind turbines and other industrial mechanisms to be even more effective in reducing running costs for clients operating capital equipment.

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification