New developments

July 2020 – Patent Granted for Axial measurement

February 2020 – New Sales agreement

October 2019 – Gyrometric Systems and Distributed Power Generation

October 2019Gyrometric introduces its monitoring technology to Cement Production

January 2019 – Gyrometric Technology Validated at Nottingham University

December 2018 – Gyrometric Systems awarded ISO 9001 quality certification

October 2018Sales engineer/ solution engineer vacancy

9th October 2018Gyrometric Technology gets global interest

August 2018Gyrometric launches new product at SMM Hamburg

May 2018Gyrometric moves to complete a new generation of shaft monitoring systems

May 2018 – Improving the efficiency of offshore wind turbines

Summer 2017 – GyroMetric install a comprehensive monitoring system on a Wind Turbine  

December 12th 2016 – Braveheart Investments acquire substantial holding of Gyrometric Shares.

December 9th 2016  – Version 7.3 of the MDS Software issued with enhanced automatic diagnostics for checking sensor functions.

August 2015  – Quick installation system for testing shafts in situ introduced. 

January 2015 – Mechanical addition to Gyromech machine tool spindle tester for protecting the instrument from damage when assembling to the machine tool.

May 2014 – First MDS2 Ships drive monitoring system delivered

March 21, 2014 – Gyrometric Drive Monitor Passes IACS/ABS Testing 

Gyrometric MDS2 ships drive monitoring system has passed the very stringent IACS/American Bureau of shipping testing.

2010  – First Gyromech machine tool spindle tester delivered

April 28, 2009 – Gearbox failure of Super Puma Helicopter 

On the 1st April this Super Puma Helicopter suffered a catastrophic failure of the main epicyclic gearbox while flying at 2,000 ft. All sixteen persons on board died.

Gyrometric Systems Ltd looks into helping gearbox monitoring and warning systems in the Eurocopter

The Air Accident Investigation Board issued Safety Alert 2009-050 on the 10th April: “It is recommended that Eurocopter improve the gearbox monitoring and warning systems on the AS332L2 Helicopter so as to identify degradation and provide adequate alerts.”

Gyrometric Systems Ltd is looking into ways of helping with this problem, and provide warnings of bearing failure.


Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification