New product launch

Gyrometric Systems are launching a new digitisation product at the SMM Ship Technology exhibition in Hamburg- 4th – 7th September.

The engines on ships are mounted on rubber bearers to reduce vibration. Over time these bearers sag, and the engine drive is no longer in line with the propeller shaft, wasting energy, and putting additional stress on the coupling.

The new product, using Gyrometric’s own Incremental Encoder Technology monitors the centre of rotation of the engine, and sends out a warning if preset movement limits are exceeded, and an alarm if the misalignment threatens damage.

Traditionally the engine alignment is checked from time to time by technicians when the ship is in dock. The new method provides a continuous real time output automatically.

While initially designed for monitoring ships the system is applicable to any drive where the alignment is critical.

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification