The GyroMetric IME

The Gyrometric Incremental Motion Encoder (IME) was invented within a research project at Nottingham Trent University. It has since been developed into a commercial product now selling worldwide and expanding into new markets.

What makes the Gyrometric IME unique?

  • Standard encoders use a single sensor or read head to monitor the angular displacement and rotational speed of the shaft.
  • The Incremental Motion Encoder (IME) is a rotary encoder with multiple sensors.
  • Signals from the read heads are time stamped and processed by sophisticated algorithms to yield digitally based data which can accurately measure movement in two linear dimensions.
  • The data is further analysed to monitor the progression of any variations providing warning of possible faults. 

Use of multiple sensors and sophisticated data interpretation allows measurement and analysis of angular vibration, rotational speed and linear movement in two dimensions.


Advantages of the IME over standard analogue monitoring systems

  • Greater accuracy of information collected
  • No moving parts so improved reliability
  • Digital data with no analogue time drift facilitates remote monitoring
  • The system is self-calibrating
  • User interface can be easily customised to present the results in non-technical, visual formats.
  • Automation reduces the possibility of user errors


GyroMetric IME Technical Details

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification