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The GyroMetric IME

The GyroMetric Incremental Motion Encoder (IME) was originally a research project at Nottingham Trent University. It has since been developed into a commercial product now selling worldwide and expanding into new markets.

What makes the GyroMetric IME unique?

  • Standard encoders use a single sensor or read head to monitor the movement of the drive shaft.
  • The Incremental Motion Encoder (IME) is a rotary encoder with three, or four sensors.
  • Each measures angular displacement and rotational speed
  • Signals from the read heads are time stamped and processed by sophisticated algorithms to yield digitally based data which can detect and compare movement in two dimensions.
  • The data is further analysed against time, to provide warning of any faults developing


Advantages of the IME over standard analogue monitoring systems

  • Greater accuracy of information collected
  • Fewer moving parts so improved reliability
  • Digital data allows for remote monitoring
  • The system is self-calibrating
  • User interface can be easily customised to present the results in non-technical, visual formats.
  • Automation reduces the possibility of user errors

GyroMetric IME Technical Details

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