Bearing monitoring

Bearing monitoring by measurement of shaft movement Gyrometric IME Sensing method

The Gyrometric IME system of bearing monitoring measures digitally the actual displacement of rotating shafts. The movement monitored in the X and Y planes is a direct measurement of the play in the bearing itself, and requires no interpretation. The information may be compared with historic data, or be subjected to algorithms to produce bearing failure warnings.

Sensors are attached to the monitored shaft, and signals from the sensors are processed by a small control box. The output from the control box is via Ethernet, and can be either processed locally, or sent out over the web to a remote monitoring station. Warnings of bearing failure are sent out automatically.

What can be done with the Gyrometric IME

The information from the IME can be used to check on the condition of rotating bearings of any type – it works on plain bearings as well as it does on ball bearings.

Continuous checking of the condition can be used to predict bearing failure, and to schedule maintenance for convenient shutdown periods.

Maintenance decisions based on real time information will reduce the occurrence of unscheduled stoppages, and extend maintenance cycles.

Capital expenditure can be reduced because standby equipment is less needed.

These gains are especially important in continuous production where a stoppage of any part of the process will stop the whole output, for high value equipment, or mechanisms that are critical to maintaining production such as compressors.

The method is entirely digital and requires no calibration.

Radial vibrations in two planes may also be monitored, as well as torsional vibrations and shaft speed disturbances.

In situations where the running shaft is subjected to a unidirectional load, for example where drive belt tension is always pulling the shaft one way vibration analysis alone is inadequate to show the wear on the bearing because the inner race is not free to float, but will tend to run quietly on one side. It is possible with the IME under these circumstances to measure the cumulative shaft displacement along the line of the applied force.

All these parameters give a very clear picture of the condition of the bearing and the likelihood of bearing failure.

GyroMetric IME Technical Details

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification