Gyrometric introduces its monitoring technology to Cement Production

In the age of the internet of things, digital information has provided a route to greater efficiency in many fields.

Cement plants have large drives which are critical to the functioning of the process as a whole.


Tarmac which is a major sustainable manufacturer of cement, and Gyrometric Systems Ltd, which is a leader in data harvesting from rotating drives, have signed an agreement to install digital monitoring equipment on the drive to the Raw Mill at the Tunstead Cement Plant. The 11Kv drive is to the rock crushing mill which converts limestone from the on site quarry in to powder. Failure of this primary piece of plant stops the entire process, causing very expensive down time.

Information which can indicate problems early enough to plan maintenance, and intervene before major damage is done is therefore extremely valuable.


Measured digital parameters will include dynamic torque across the coupling, radial displacement of the shaft (and therefore misalignment), and torsional vibrations of the drive system. The data will also provide information on the condition of the gearbox.


This initiative by Tarmac should improve the utilisation of this huge installation of capital equipment.


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Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification