For Engineering Tooling applications, the Gyromech Spindle Tester provides an advanced solution to extend tool life, improve surface finish and increase accuracy.

Gyromech Spindle Tester


Excessive machine tool spindle wear leads to shorter tool life, poorer surface finish, and loss of accuracy.

The Gyromech is an innovative external device for quickly and accurately measuring the run out, and other parameters, on machine tool spindles. The digital measurement method is entirely new and has a resolution of 0.1 microns.

Useful on lathes, milling machines, machining centres and grinding machines the spindle of the device is typically attached to the spindle to be tested by a taper adaptor, while the stationary measurement housing is bolted rigidly to the machine table. The output of the measuring device is connected to a high speed signal processor, which in turn is plugged into a laptop.

The Gyromech is equipped with a centreing device which is used during set up to ensure that the alignment of the machine spindle is within the measurement range of the instrument. The exact centre of rotation is calculated by the software.

When the measurement spindle is located in the machine tool spindle, and the housing is locked to the bed of the machine, the machine is started and, after a short settling period, twenty revolutions are measured and stored. The results are ready immediately on the laptop. These include an accurate measure of the rotational speed, the maximum run out during the twenty revolutions, and an orbit plot showing a 360 degree representation of the run out. The torsional vibration information provided can indicate drive train problems. Provision is made in the software to compare the values with reference readings which may have been set when the machine was new, or after the last spindle overhaul.

The stored results form a history file which may be referred to at any time.

Individual readings may be printed out in the form of a quality certificate. Pre-set parameter limits may be set so that a test will show a pass if the results are within the limits, or a fail if the limits are exceeded.

The users are likely to be machine spindle rebuild services who will be able to produce certificates to show improvements from their work; machine tool manufacturers who will be able to demonstrate the standard of their products as they leave the factory; and used machinery dealers who will be able to test equipment before they buy, and issue quality data when they sell.

Operators of machine shops will be able to use the system as a periodic addition to their quality assurance programmes.

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Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification