Advanced Protection for Rotating Shafts and Bearings in a wide range of industries

The Gyrometric measurement and analysis system can be fitted to nearly all equipment using rotating shafts that operate at speeds from 10rpm to 20,000rpm. The most obvious applications of this are in the following industries: Marine, Energy, Manufacturing and Engineering


Data is collected from the rotating shaft using the GyroMetric IME and is then analysed and used to advise on the following according to user requirements:

  • Pre-emptive maintenance
  • Scheduling maintenance for more efficient operation
  • Improving the efficiency of capital equipment

The measurement can be linked to set parameters and even to shut down equipment automatically if safe thresholds are breached.


Potential Cost savings

The costs of a breakdown in any drive system or gearbox can quickly run into tens of thousands of pounds, and may include some or all of these costs:

  • Parts and labour to fix the breakdown
  • Site access costs
  • Costs of temporary replacement vessels or equipment
  • Lost production
  • Consequential losses of failure to meet manufacturing contracts or stick to delivery schedules
  • Interest charges on extended finance

The superior protection afforded to high cost capital equipment by a GyroMetric system compared to analogue alternatives makes it a sound investment.

GyroMetric System Applications 






Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification