GyroMetric Systems - Next Generation Shaft Monitoring

The world’s most advanced system for monitoring drive shafts

GyroMetric Systems have designed a revolutionary way of collecting and analysing digital data from rotating shafts to produce the most detailed predictions of potential mechanical failure available. This sets a new standard of protection that can be used on any rotating shaft from a bench tool spindle to a cruise liner propeller shaft.

Tried, tested and approved

Our systems have now been installed in some of the most demanding applications imaginable such as tugs and wind turbines. Reliability and consistency are proven and it has been tested to the highest standards of International classification.

Sophisticated yet simple to use

Our user interface will provide as much or as little data as you require, from a simple traffic light alarms beside the equipment, to performance graphs accessed remotely in real time. Use our monitoring service and we will advise you when to repair, replace or programme maintenance, eliminating costly breakdowns.

Gyrometric achieves ISO9001 certification