Marine Drive Monitoring


Two new tugs operated by G&H Towing of Galvaston, USA are examples of ships which have their drives protected by electronic monitoring equipment designed and built by Gyrometric Systems in the UK. Gyrometric, is a technological spin off company from Nottingham Trent University. The design and build contract for the monitoring system was commissioned by German based marine coupling specialist Vulkan. The Z drives which feature steerable propellers were manufactured by Schottel, also in Germany.

The two tugs were built by United States-based Leevac Shipyards have been named the Zeus, and the Chloe K.

Measuring 24.4 metres in length, with a breadth of 11.7 metres and a draught of 5.12 metres, the Z-Tech-class tugs are designed primarily for operation in major ports and marine terminals.

Built to American Bureau of Shipping standards and outfitted for a crew of six people, the vessels feature a power package comprising two Caterpillar 3516C HD engines, each rated at 2,575 hp (1,920kW) driving the Schottel Z-drives.

During sea trials, the tugs achieved an average speed of 12.3 knots and bollard pulls of 61.1 tonnes. The design of the Z-Tech tug emphasises safe and capable ship-handling operations with large ships, particularly those with extreme flares. The design also offers omni-directional performance capability, with similar ahead and astern speeds and bollard pulls.

For the Gyrometric drive monitoring systems of the Z drives special programs were written so that torque overloads, such as those caused by propeller obstruction, can be detected and acted upon automatically in less than one tenth of a second.

Gyrometric marine drive monitoring systems are also capable of are capable of keeping a continuous check of torsional vibrations, which are used to check optimal engine firing and well as the condition of the drive components. The systems may also be used to monitor the centre of rotation of the shafts to high degrees of accuracy, in order to warn of bearing problems and shaft misalignment.

More than 23 ships afloat from tugs to cruise liners are now fitted with Gyrometric drive monitoring systems.

The monitoring systems are tested to IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and classified by the American Bureau of Shipping.

Gyrometric  Marine drive monitoring systems are sold exclusively through Vulkan, Herne, Germany

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